Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pssst, Calgary... We're getting new car2go Cars!

Beginning today, you’ll be among the first to hop in and drive a next-gen smart – a completely new car2go experience in the Calgary area. That's not all – in celebration of our new cars and Thanksgiving, from Oct. 8 – Oct. 10, we’re lowering our day rate to only $50* (24 hours)!

What are some of the NEW benefits you’ll enjoy with the next-gen smart?

No more member cards! Start and end a trip directly from the official car2go app on your smartphone – get in and out even faster!
Stay warm with heated seats on chilly days.
A bigger trunk that’s even easier to open – “look, Ma, one hand!”
Rock out to your own music with Bluetooth access.
Take a smoother ride with a more powerful motor and enhanced transmission.

Want to be a next-gen smart expert?

New key location: The key is now located in a holder on the left hand side of the steering wheel. To start the new car2gos, look for the ignition on the steering wheel column.

To end your rental, return the key – keychain first – to the left of the steering wheel, and if everything looks good (like the windows are up, lights are off, etc.) you can exit the car. A 15 second countdown will begin and when it’s complete the rental will end, or simply tap “End Rental” in the app to end the rental immediately. When the rental has ended successfully, you’ll receive a pop–up letting you know that you’re good to go!

More seat adjustment options: There are now two levers on the side of the seat – to adjust the backrest turn the handwheel on the top lever, and to adjust the seat’s height pull up or push down on the bottom lever. To move back or forth, simply lift the handle below the seat.

- Source: Car2Go