Monday, July 27, 2009

Not a Tosser of the Week, brought to you by

Oh man, oh man. The things that make a life change.

I've been thinking a lot lately on those little things in Life that create an everlasting memory in our minds.

While I was driving around the Calgary a few days back. I was doing a lot of thinking on how My life was going to change very fast. I wasn't freaking out, I was just thinking...

Then you I see that little something that makes me go and talk to someone, a little kid was drinking water out of a water bottle while he was running around with his mom to do some last minute shopping, he was probably half way thru the parking lot on the way in to look at some clothes and he asked his mom to open the car again he wanted to save a water bottle to take it to the Bottle Depot.

All of this happened in a matter of 2 minutes... How Much Can We Learn from Kids!?!?!?
If we all took a few minutes, literally, a Few Minutes!, Can you imagine how much of a difference could we do if we all took 1 water bottle and took it down to The Bottle Depot!? If we all decided to change to reusable Water Bottle instead of buying Bottled Water every time we go grocery shopping?!

I want to think Dimpel and Dhruv for helping in this well deserved change.

It's times like this when we are not in a city where we are used to recycle when we can truly see the difference. I was having supper at a Taco Stand here in Mexico (Me Eating? hardly ever) and I asked the Taco Vender when I was done with my order if he had a recycling bin for me to deposit my pop can, he actually said "leave it there with the rest of the garbage" (I think that I should actually quote "dejalo ahi con el resto de la basura") and looked at me in a funyn way.

I think that we should all learn from the little kids. No matter where you are form, and what we do, We could all make this a better place by just doing what’s right.

Could you be the next nominee???

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Not a Tosser of the Week, brought to you by

I write this blog as I sit at my Hotel in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico... Thinking back on the people that I've met so far that are recycling back home makes me value even more their smart choice.

I see the way people here in Mexico use and abuse the fact that recycling here is something that hasn't been picked up on by any one. Street venders, stablishments, hotels. Recycling is not even thought of. Here I am, drinking watter out of a plastic bottle, and even before I finish it, I start looking around for a Blue Bin. I asked at the front desk if they do recycling, and they look at me funny, I think they wonder if I'm even from this country.

I feel bad, looking around the streets and people just toss out of their cars plastic pop bottles, at public places I see piles of garbage just pilling up next to the sidewalks. That's why I look back on the people that recycle, like Mary Ellen Johnson who I talked to at the Fish Creek Bottle Depot, she had only one little garbage bad with some items stting around the house that could be recycled. She will take and elderly friend with her to do her recycling as well.

Or, Tim and Mike Olson, Father and Son decided to start doing recycling, to make some extra cash, the money would get splitted up amongs Mike and his brother to use to rent movies and spent more time with them selfs.

How long would it take for this easy and valuable system to pick up aroud other countries. We need to start giving more value to the efforts made by others, to recognize them for not being tossers.

Are you a Tosser?

Could you be the next nominee???

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


On Friday, at around 4.30 pm I was leaving The Station on my way to the bank to deposit my GST Check, I lost that Check, but Luckily enough it was found by someone that took the time out of the day to take it down to the postal office and mail it to my home address (Name and Address are printed on all government checks) I want to... No, Sorry, I need to find this person, I want to look them in the eye, and shake their hand, I want to be able to tell them how grateful I am for returning this check, because it couldn't come in a time that I needed it the most.

If you know of someone that found a check, around the address of #535, 7th Ave SW, in the vicinity of Chicago Chop House or 7 Resto Lounge or the New Court House Building or Belgo, Please let me know.


Please pass the word, Share this Posting to your profile and help me find the person to whom I'm really grateful to.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not a Tosser of the Week, brought to you by

It’s hard to find ways to identify the nominee of the week when you get to share stories with the people of Calgary.

This week I met with Preston & Reid Wald. I was hanging out at a park and I saw Reid running towards a recycle bin, with not one, not two, but with 8 empty water bottles. She had a huge smile in her face while she was depositing those water bottles in the recycle bin. She seemed so happy. I asked her Dad, Preston, why do they recycle, and he said that is was actually something that they started because his kids took the initiative and brought that home for him and his wife to embrace.

Then Kate Walsh that moved to Calgary from out East and has been recycling for decades just because that's what she was tough to do while growing up and decided to keep on doing it.

And then you get Wonda Heater that works for Calgary Transit, and she recycles to help keep our planet clean. And when I asked her what does she do with the money she gets back from the bottle depot she said that she donates the money to the Children's Hospital.

Seriously, when you get cases like this, where your children are so filled with joy just because they know they are making a difference in everyone else's life, or where you recycle because you think its an awesome think to do, or when you recycle because not only you want to help keep our planet but also to use the money not for self indulging but for a greater cause.

Its amazing the reasons why someone would decide to recycle.

Why do you recycle?

Could you be the next nominee???

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Carlos, The Real Latino, Does Calle Ocho

This is just a sample on how a Real Latino would do this video. Latinos don't dance. We just look Good when we sing to a song.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not a Tosser of the Week, brought to you by

I decided to go around the city and visit/crash a few parks and keep my eyes open for people that decided to recycle out of no where. Just a natural reaction if you wish to call it that.

Have you ever taken the time to ask your self a simple question such as "Why do I choose to recycle?" if you think about it, we make that choice. Weather it's an unconscious reaction or not. We are making that choice, but why?

we walk around Public Areas, Movie Theaters, Malls, Parks, Stampede and if we have a bottle or something that can be recycle, we'll automatically look for a recycling bin instead of just tossing it out to a regular garbage bin, and if we can't find a recycle bin, we'll make sure it's set a side so that it doesn't go to the land fill.

It's good that we are making that choice. It's like in our DNA or something. That is the Case of Jordan Sourisseau, I spotted him playing around with his friends at the park and he grabbed a couple of bottles that where on the grass and took them to the nearest recycling bin. I had to ask him why?! His answer was simple. "I'm just doing my part"

And then I noticed that when it comes to recycle, age doesn't matter. Perry Fortune is only 17, and she likes to recycle just because she knows its a good think for the environment and she likes to share the profits of recycling with her siblings (but we all share the main profit) and Jeremiah Ernhardt told me, when I asked him why does he recycle, that “it’s foolish not to”

When we have people that recycling is just part of who they are, We are all benefiting from them, why shouldn't we return the favor by also recycling. Like Jeremiah said it’s foolish not to recycle, we all have to do our part.

Could you be the next nominee???

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