Tuesday, July 14, 2009


On Friday, at around 4.30 pm I was leaving The Station on my way to the bank to deposit my GST Check, I lost that Check, but Luckily enough it was found by someone that took the time out of the day to take it down to the postal office and mail it to my home address (Name and Address are printed on all government checks) I want to... No, Sorry, I need to find this person, I want to look them in the eye, and shake their hand, I want to be able to tell them how grateful I am for returning this check, because it couldn't come in a time that I needed it the most.

If you know of someone that found a check, around the address of #535, 7th Ave SW, in the vicinity of Chicago Chop House or 7 Resto Lounge or the New Court House Building or Belgo, Please let me know.


Please pass the word, Share this Posting to your profile and help me find the person to whom I'm really grateful to.


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