Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Let's pack it up!!!

It's weird that I get excited that Friday is almost here... But probably not for the same reasons that you might get excited for I; my reason is that I get to go to Talisman Centre and hang out for 2 hours... But, that's not the only thing I do. I'm there with MINI Deeds. MINI Deeds is my All4 All-Wheel Drive MINI Countryman from MINI Crowfoot and we're there waiting for you to stop by and drop off all your donations of gently used, or even new, sporting equipment for kids in need this holiday season.

This winter, all your donations are going to be passed on to the children at the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary! So, if you have some hockey skates that just don't find right anymore, or an old bike that is taking up valuable space in your garage, bring it down to Talisman Centre and drop it off! We'll take it from you and give it to someone that will put it to good use!

And you have to keep in mind, that for every item that you donate, your name will be entered into a draw to in a Talisman Centre Family Adult Membership worth over $1,200!

Oh, yeah!!! Before we forget... We're also making sure that everyone that has a MINI and goes to Talisman Centre on Friday's between 5pm and 7pm has no problem finding their car with the giant MINI Car Finder Balloon!

Monday, October 15, 2012

We're ready... And so are you!!!

We're ready to navigate the streets of Calgary, Okotoks, Cochrane, Airdire and Strathmore to pick-up all your gently used sporting equipment for kids in need this holiday season!

MINI Deeds, my All4 All-Wheel-Drive MINI Countryman from MINI Crowfoot, and I are driving around Calgary picking-up all the sporting equipment you can imagine!

On Friday, October 5th, we asked listeners to stop by Talisman Centre between 5pm and 7pm to drop off all their gently used sporting equipment... And I have to say that we had a pretty good response!

We started by just parking just outside of their main doors

In the span of 2 hours we had this!

7 pairs of skates, 2 pairs of snow boots, 1 goalie bag with all the gear, 3 sets of hockey gear, 1 pair of skis, 1 hockey stick, 1 bag with karate gear and 1 pair of hiking poles.

Impressive, eh? The KooL part about it is that we're not done yet!!! We're going to be back at Talisman Centre on October 19 again from 5pm until 7pm! So, please make sure you go to your garage or storage locker and grab any item that your children have grown out off, the raquet that you never had a chance to use, those skates that didn't fit just right and drop off for us to take them away to someone that will put them to good use.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We're back at it!!!

Start dusting off all your gently used sporting equipment for your garage and from your storage closet!

It's time to reach in under your bed and grab that old tennis racquet or hockey stick that you said you were going to use but just never got a chance to do so and set it aside for MINI Deeds, my ALL4, All-wheel-drive MINI Countryman from MINI Crowfoot, send me an email to carlos@kool1015.ca and let us know when would it work better for your schedule for us to come by to pick them up and we'll be more than happy to do so!

There's no item to big, we've actually had a few bikes in the MINI already, or too small, a pair of hockey skates will bring the biggest smile to a kid, that we can't pick-up! And you have to keep in mind, that for every item that you donate, your name will be entered into a draw to win an Annual Adult Family Membership to Talisman Centre! This prize is worth over $1,200 dollars!!!

So, get on it! If you wanted to clear up some space in your garage but had no idea on what to do with some of the items taking up some space, this is the time to do so and to make sure those items go to a good cause.

And If you just don't feel ok about me dropping by your house to pick-up your donations you can also drop them off with me at Talisman Centre on October 19, November 2, November 16, November 30 and December 7 from 5pm until 7pm!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disney's Mary Poppins!

This last Tuesday, July 31st, I was really excited to be a part of the first showing of Mary Poppins at the Jubilee Auditorium... When I got the invitation to the opening show I wasn't sure what to expect, I have to accept the fact that it's been over XX amount of years since I saw the movie (I'm not ready to reveal my age) I wasn't sure I was going to remember what the play was about. I played around with the idea of trying to find the movie on Netflix and watching prior to the Play. I have to be honest and say that I'm Glad I didn't!

Broadway Across Canada doesn't stop to amaze me. The quality of the actors and the quality of the shows that they bring to Calgary are nothing less than Amazing! During Mary Poppins I was trying really hard to remember the movie, but probably 20 minutes in to the first act I was so captured by the actors and the story that I stopped trying to remember the story line and decided, unconsciously, to take in the story as if it was the first time I saw it... but It wasn't until Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious came on... Then it was a whole other ride!

Tears might've been a part of the equation during the play, but there was some laughter and lots of cheering for sure. This is a show that is only in town for 1 week, until Agust 5, and you should take advantage of the fact that we do get these shows in town and enjoy them with your family.

In my rating, I give it 4 out of 5 stars just because of the fact that I'm 6'0" tall and there's not enough leg room and that chairs at the Jubilee are really not that comfortable... But, well worth to watch for sure!