Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cirque - Like never before!

Over the last 8 years I've had the pleasure to enjoy several Cirque Du Soleil shows. Most of them here in Calgary and a few ones in Las Vegas.

I had the pleasure to take my wife to see Cirque O at the Bellagio courtesy of the Nickle Slot machine winnings at Treasure Island. I'm really not much of a gambler. We went to see the show and I was not really impressed. After having seen a few shows here in Calgary, I have to say this, and I do honestly believe this is true. The Shows we get here in Calgary with the Cirque tent, are nothing short of spectacular! The quality on the performance, production, and everything else that make a Cirque experience magical and that Cirque is known for is all there.

I went to see Kurios on their opening night here in Calgary and somehow, they managed to find a way to make acrobatics like they've never done before.

I wanted to bring my wife with me to this show, but we have a small 4-month-old baby that she didn't feel comfortable bringing with us to the show. She was afraid that Julieta might've start crying in the middle of the show and that we would've annoyed the people around us or just plain simple, ruin the Cirque experience for them.

My friend Bryan lucked out and came with me to the show and we had an amazing time. This is a great event that we have the chance to enjoy here, in our city. Make sure you plan a date night with your wife and kids, or with some friends, or perhaps just your girlfriend and you can go an enjoy it. This is a great show for everyone. I'm just saddened that I didn't convince my wife and baby to come with us. They surely would've enjoy it.

Food and Music Experience!

Canmore Uncorked is raising the bar on the way you decide to pair your food! Join the Culinary Symphony!

On April 13thand 14th, Chef James Holmes and a team of local Canmore chefs will blow your senses away by pairing food to the music of the Quartetto Gelato. The team of chefs and the Juno-nominated band have created a custom performance that pairs music with each dish.

Taste the music. Hear the food. The sights, smells, sounds, and tastes will come together to form the Culinary Symphony.

Canmore Uncorked

Have you heard of Canmore Uncorked?

It's a fantastic award winning Food and Drink Festival happening in our own backyard! For 13 days, 25 restaurants will feature 3-course meals showcasing their signature dishes at set prices! $19, $29 or $39 - Think about this for a second... A Chef will not put their name on any plate or dish. It's like you or I at work. If we're going to do something that has our name on it, we want to make sure that it's the best thing/project/email or what ever you wanna call it. Now, picture a Chef putting their name on a signature dish, how do you think it will taste? Now, how much do you think that dish should REALLY cost?! - These dishes are well priced by far! 

A few select people in Calgary got a chance to attempt their Launch Party at The Cookbook Co. Here in Calgary. And let me tell you that this event will bring some amazing food to everyone!

They started us with this PB and J Pork Belly 

Chef James Holmes made this and it was OMG Good! - Maple braised pork belly, roasted peanuts, strawberry balsamic puree, and apple slaw.
It was deliciously cooked! Crispy on the outside and so tender and moist on the inside. I really wanted to go for seconds but I knew I had to leave some room for what followed.

Meet the Risotto Balls, or as I named them that night the Amaze-Balls!

Chef Tracy Little made these while speeches were given and I was amazed by everything that was going on behind the kitchen counter. Lots of little movements. All of them happening very fast and in a very methodical way. Arancini Risotto Balls served with butternut squash, pine nuts, sylvan star gouda, and brown butter béchamel sauce (also known as white sauce).

And last, but certainly not least... Dessert!!! This is definitely the perfect size... this light and flavorful Profiterole with a Chambord & Foie Gras Mousse was the perfect way to end a great lunch day with all my foodie media friends. 

Canmore Uncorked is only happening for 7 more days... Most of their events are already sold out, but you still have time to make it out to some very cool ones that are taking food toa whole different level!

Think about it, Canmore is only one hour and twenty minutes from Downtown Calgary!