Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you want a MINI for a Weekend?

We are currently playing Where is Charlie! Is the easiest way to win a MINI for a weekend!

Spot MINI Charlie around town and you could be our next winner!

Ever heard of "Where's Waldo?" Play our game called "Where's Charlie" and you could win a MINI for a weekend plus a candy bouquet from Bloom'a'licious valued at over $100 dollars!

Here is how it works:

1. Spot MINI Charlie anywhere - motoring around town, parked on the street, at a mall - if you spot him it counts!

2. Fill out the form located at and include your snapshot, the date and the location you spotted Charlie.

I'm even giving out clues on where and how to spot him! :)

From Twitter:

@Darlinglilred to @Goodwill_Carlos when I was driving home from work on Friday I drove by you in your KooL MINI Charlie headed onto Crowchild from 11

@JohnCornegge to @Goodwill_Carlos I saw your mini 1 minute ago! Crowchild taking the exit to Garrison Green :-)

From Facebook:

Lisa Gayle Hey Carlos! Make me a mini you think Minnie Driver drives a MINI? Happy Friday!

Carlos Cuevas Hi Lisa! You can win a MINI experience for a weekend from Mini Crowfoot all you need to do is play Where's Charlie! Spot him around the city at any time at any place on any day, take a picture and send it to for your chance to win! The MINI Experience for a weekend also comes with a Gift Basket from Bloom'a'licious!


Carlos Cuevas Taking MINI Charlie to his first scary movie tonight. We're at Chinook Mall watching Paranormal Activity 2. He is right outside the theaters.

Ivy Tristan Hint hint hahaha im going to find him
Carlos Cuevas Good luck... He's easy to spot...

*Must be 18 years or older to win.

This is my idea of how your picture should look... it doesn't have to, but it would be nice... :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Oh, man! It seems like almost yesterday when we got all the donations to our adopted family from the McMan foster care program, and it seems like making people happy is what MINI does best! Weather you are the proud (and happy) owner of a MINI or if you are the one receiving a small gesture of gratitude from a MINI owner, we are always trying to make people happy.

Lately I’ve been driving into downtown with MINI Charlie and I can’t help drive with the top down. Yes, the temperature outside marks 3.5ºC but if you drive a MINI Convertible you want to take advantage of the littlest ray of sun you can find in the sky. My wife is not a big fan of driving around with the top down because it messes up her hair. So, I got her a small portable hair brush for her to carry around in her purse. I thought that would allow me to take advantage of the MINI convertible, but it didn’t quite worked out the way I planed.

So if you see MINI Charlie & I driving around the city quickly reach for your cell phone and snap a picture email it to or loaded up to our website with the day, time and location you saw us. You could win a MINI experience for a weekend.

Where's Charlie?!?!

I have to say that I’m really grateful for my friends, my wife had to go to Vancouver for the thanksgiving weekend and I was left home alone. First on Saturday of the thanksgiving weekend my friends “The Dew’s” invited me over to spent thanksgiving with them alongside “The Coleman-Smith”, Brett & Cameron and then on Sunday I went to momma Wilde’s house for thanks giving and met more people from her family. I have to come clean… on both days I had the turkey sweats and I think at some point I had to loosen my belt… and it wasn’t until I got in to MINI Charlie that he kinda hinted at me oh so subtle with an audible alarm that I should probably try and loose some of that turkey weight… So we thought that I wasn’t the only one in the city with that problem after the long weekend. We talked to the guys at Bikram Yoga NW in the community of Varsity and we gave away for the day session passes for people to try Hot Yoga.

MINI Charlie also wanted to try it. I have to say I never thought he would actually be able to do some of the movements that yoga requires, but that’s to show that MINI will fit any active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you wanna go snowboarding or play soccer or hockey… you can fit all your gear in the MINI, he showed me as I drove home from a friends house this weekend with my wife, my sister-in-law and my snowboard!

If you see MINI Charlie driving around town or at an event, take a picture and email it to or simply take it to our website to play Where’s Charlie with us… you could win a MINI for a weekend and a basket from our friends from Bloom’a’licious… That’s KooL and Sweet!

Gobble, Gobble!

I have to say that I’m truly grateful for the last couple of weeks for 2 things. We had awesome weather and we got good donations for MINI Charlie’s foster family. During the first week we where down at Silverado and I remember a lady (teacher by the name of Melanie) stopped by and made a Big Donation. 2 Full Shopping bags, one with clothing and one with non-perishable food items for our family, also, one smaller gift bag with a few toys and a couple of GC’s and this was all from her! I was really grateful and I thank her a lot for taking the time for gathering this donations and stopping by to drop them off. At the end of the donation drive we got our MINI family around $500 dlls worth of donations! Between the personal donations from our listeners, the CrossIron Mills Mall and store gift cards, the Safeway gift cards, Subway, McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s donations I was really happy with the result and I’m sure that our foster family was really grateful.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hotmail on iPhone/iPod Touch???

YES!!! It only took a little time of playing around here and there with the options and with the Magic of the internet to find a way to make this work!

I just got my own account :) and I wanted to set it up on my iPhone 4... it is possible even if the option is not right there when you try to add a new email account... just follow this easy steps and you are good to go...

Simply go to settings on your iphone

Go to settings, create a new mail account.

Enter your basic information
Name - First & Last Name
User Name - or
Your Password - *******
Description - Name

Now in the next page, Select POP not IMAP

POP account information
Name - First & Last Name
Address or
Description - Name

Incoming mail server
Host Name -
User Name or specify the email! wont work with just the username!
Password - *******

Out going mail server
No need to add username and password here!

save it- it will ask you "wana proceed without ssl?" Say no, then save & save again.

Then go to Outgoing Mail Server> Primary Server> SSL ON. Port must be 587

Then go to advanced >incoming settings> SSL ON> Server Port 995

Please Check with your service provider to make sure you have the right data plan to avoid surprise overages in you bill.

Let me know how it goes... Good Luck!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adopt a Family...

Earlier in the year I adopted a MINI Cooper from MINI Crowfoot and named him Charlie after my own name - Carlos translates to Charlie, Chuck or Charles in English - We have become inseparable. I like to believe that he is having a life just as awesome as I am and that his MINI brother & MINI sisters are really excited for us.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and MINI Charlie told me he wants to give back to the community. After all, Calgary has given him so much over the past 6 months. In the spirit of giving, Charlie found out that nowadays there were still lots of families that needed a bit of TLC, too. So... Charlie and I came up with a plan. "We're going to adopt a family for this thanks giving!"

We enlisted the help of McMan Charlie & I are collecting donations until Friday for a special foster family, and we need your help Calgary!

This family has 6 Children (5 of them are foster children) that range between the age of 6 - 19 years of age. And trust me when I say this, they will appreciate any donations you can muster. From a Gift Card for any grocery store to a Gift Card from any other house hold store like Walmart, Zeller, Co-Op. It would be helpful because they can be used for everything from household good to children's toys & School Supplies.

How can you help out? Go to and fill out our donation form and schedule a pick-up date. Charlie & I will drive out and pick-up all the donations to help this family have a Thanksgiving like no other. Please know that your contribution will make a significant difference for one family in need this Thanksgiving.