Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Oh, man! It seems like almost yesterday when we got all the donations to our adopted family from the McMan foster care program, and it seems like making people happy is what MINI does best! Weather you are the proud (and happy) owner of a MINI or if you are the one receiving a small gesture of gratitude from a MINI owner, we are always trying to make people happy.

Lately I’ve been driving into downtown with MINI Charlie and I can’t help drive with the top down. Yes, the temperature outside marks 3.5ºC but if you drive a MINI Convertible you want to take advantage of the littlest ray of sun you can find in the sky. My wife is not a big fan of driving around with the top down because it messes up her hair. So, I got her a small portable hair brush for her to carry around in her purse. I thought that would allow me to take advantage of the MINI convertible, but it didn’t quite worked out the way I planed.

So if you see MINI Charlie & I driving around the city quickly reach for your cell phone and snap a picture email it to Charlie@adoptamini.ca or loaded up to our website www.adoptamini.ca with the day, time and location you saw us. You could win a MINI experience for a weekend.

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