Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!

I have to say that I’m truly grateful for the last couple of weeks for 2 things. We had awesome weather and we got good donations for MINI Charlie’s foster family. During the first week we where down at Silverado and I remember a lady (teacher by the name of Melanie) stopped by and made a Big Donation. 2 Full Shopping bags, one with clothing and one with non-perishable food items for our family, also, one smaller gift bag with a few toys and a couple of GC’s and this was all from her! I was really grateful and I thank her a lot for taking the time for gathering this donations and stopping by to drop them off. At the end of the donation drive we got our MINI family around $500 dlls worth of donations! Between the personal donations from our listeners, the CrossIron Mills Mall and store gift cards, the Safeway gift cards, Subway, McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s donations I was really happy with the result and I’m sure that our foster family was really grateful.

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