Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not a Tosser of the Week, brought to you by

This week I was out in Downtown and around the city, visiting a few parks, I found that there is more than one way to recycle, let me explain.

I made a call for action, I was inviting people downtown to come and join me, while I was and about with the street team, and bring some recyclable items in exchange for t-shirts from Don't Be A Tosser Dot Com, and a few little extra items I happened to have with me at the time, I was surprise by how fast people came from their offices and asked if I still had some prizing for recycling.

I was curious to know what do people do with the money that they get back from The Alberta Bottle Depots and I was surprise by some of the answers I got back.

Toks Bakinson and Dan Tao said that they like to save their money to treat them selves with little snacks or to buy music from iTunes, Angie Hunt is saving up all her money because she wants to buy a car some day.

Then I decided to walk thru a park and look for people that are recycling on their own by using reusable items such as Plastic food containers or Aluminum Water Bottles, people that reduce the use of containers that are hurting our planet, and I met the Seltenhammer Family.

Kids are always paying attention to the things that grownups do, and they copy everything they see from their role models, Julie and Andy, Thank you for taking the initiative and teaching the leaders of tomorrow how to help the environment and putting some extra money on their pockets, or in this case, in their bank account for their future.

We always have to remember that one action has a reaction, thankfully in this case, this is a positive action leading to a positive reaction. The Word is already out, Don't Be A Tosser, show the rest of your family, classmates, neighbors, show Everyone that you are committed to the change.

Could you be the next nominee???

Check for more information on how you can help our environment and your pocket at the same time.

Friday, June 26, 2009

SoF - One month already!?

Oh wow. One month, I honestly can’t believe it’s been a month already, and what a way to end this month.

I started to wonder why we only did 2 warm-up laps rather than the usual 3, and then it hit me. End of the month, we have to forget all our Limits, leave them at the office (or your car), because today we are going All Out!

We started doing our regular stretching and Private Pearson said "We are going to run to the other side of the river and on the way there we are going to do some fun stuff", the class has been over for a over a day and I'm still waiting for the fun part.

It was probably at some point between the push ups or the jumping jacks that I realized that I was doing way better than I thought I would!

Believe it or not, I am going to miss Soldiers Of Fitness, because it works for me, I do need the encouragement of having someone telling me I can do it, I do need the camaraderie of the group workout, because, if it where to be only me going out for a run on my own, I would just turn back and crash on my couch rather than actually doing something that it's not only better for me, but for those around me (I don't snore as much as I used to according to my fiancé)

For this, for all the muscle pain I went thru, for the little scrapes from rolling on the grass, for all the sweaty workout days I had, SoF, I'm really great full! (Except for the part of watching Zack's pasty body, I gotta take my step-brother down to Mexico and introduce him to a little thing called SUN)

I'm sure that now I'm in better shape that I was back when I started, and there is no doubt in my mind that after my wedding, I will be coming back. Because you guys thought me that the only thing I should fear are my own mental limits. I am my worst enemy, I choose to live a healthy life, and you guys are helping me live that life.

Thanks SoF!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blitz Hour - I can see the Finish Line!

Oh Wow!
It's really hard to explain the way I feel right now, I'm having mixed emotions, I feel Glad that I know I can finish a month of intense workout on Soldiers Of Fitness, (My own definition of Intense Workout: From not doing anything at all, to actually working out) I know for a fact that I can run 2K's non-stop at my own pace (lets face it, I'm not trying to brake speed records here, just trying to be healthy) but it's still Sad at the same time that I'm almost done, but the great news is that both Zack and I will be going back for another month... It's like someone made us addicted to working out...

I did, however, paid the price of not going to SoF on Thursday, I felt it was sooo hard to go back to that routine where you are doing something, It's like you become addicted to work out, addicted to be healthy.

I manage to hold again and ran all 3 warm-up laps, and by the time that was done, I had drank half of my water for the hour, and by the time we were done the second exercise My water was gone, so pretty much after only 20 minutes of working out I drank a full water bottle, so, close to the end of the hour I was pretty much DONE!

It will be hard to say good bye to some of our classmates that can't come back, but I'm excited to welcome the new SoF Cadets to this journey. I thought I wanted to do this because of my up coming wedding, but it wasn't till during SoF that I realized that I wanted to join and workout because I just wanted to make sure I was going to live long enough to see my own kids grow up and hopefully live long enough to go to their wedding.

I think that who ever decides to work out, they know by now that they do it because of them, not because you want to look good on a special day, at least, that's what I think and that's my reason.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Not a Tosser of the Week, brought to you by

How can someone choose who is a better recycler?!

I guess I have to base this one on the Story that they have to tell in regards to why do they recycle...

I met Colette & Kevin Klippert at the Bottle Depot in the Crowfoot Shopping Centre, I was talking to Colette and she told me that they make "recycling trips" to the Bottle depot once every one or two months. Kevin, her son, is the one that took the initiative to start saving all the recyclable items and opened a savings account to save the money form all the recyclables for a "rainy day", once they got around $200.- back from recycling! (that's a lot of dough!!!). This kind of initiative, where Mom and Son are working together to help our environment and strengthen their family bonds are worthy of a great Nomination. Thank you to the Klippert family for not being a tosser.

Could you be the next nominee???

Check for more information on how you can help our environment and your pocket at the same time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blitz Hour Challenege... We are almost there.

Is it ok that on Week 3 I was still a bit out of breath an hour after we where done working out?!

Oh man... as I'm typing I can feel my calf muscles cramp a little bit... Private Pearson says if it hurts it means that we are doing a good workout... then I think I was doing Pretty Darn Excelent Today!!!

Jokes aside I can honeslty say that my improvement level has gone up reasonably. I do have to say thank you to my class mates for helping me out when I needed it, as much as I try to make de classes a little bit more fun, ie "Private: Don't give up, think of your happy place", "Carlos: McDonald's!", "Class: GIGGLE/LAUGH!"; the time just deels like it slows down while you are doing SOF. That Hour feels like 2 Hours, and when you are told you only have 30 seconds left on a single exercise, those 30 seconds are the longest 30 seconds of your life!.

Even though we had a couple of cassualties today, Zack couldn't make it because he is sick and Khazma (Promotions/Marketing Manager) had a Last Minute Management Meeting, our team was still holding strong and poshing to their limits to make sure that we all completed the drills and that no one was left behind.

The team strenght that we've develop in the last 5 clases is amazing, we hardly know each other in a personal level and yet we are still willing to go the distance for one another no matter the weather condition or if we had a crappy day at the office. You can always count that the SOF Team will be there to help you in anyway that they can.

It's hard to belive that we are almost this months workout... I just hope I look good once I get into my tux for my wedding...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soldiers Of Fitness - WOW Week 2!

I can't believe we are already working on day 1, week 2. As I sit to enjoy a nice lunch, I think about how do I feel about today's performance.

Yeah, I'm in a little bit of pain, but its considerably less pain compared to day 1, week 1. I actually think that my body is starting to adapt to this life style again. How do I feel you still ask your self? Let's put it this way, I was pretty impressed with my overall performance during today's workout session. I manage to run non-stop 2 out of 3 warm up laps and complete 75% of the exercises successfully (the way they where meant to be done). Compared this to last week... I think the difference is overwhelming. I feel better, like I have more energy and like my efforts are actually starting to show, more on my resistance and on my state of mind and on the way I actually feel before we go to SoF, I get excited the night before just to think I have to go workout. I doubt I would've even feel anything close to that last week.

It still takes me a lot to look past the mental block that wants me to stop, that wants me to quit in the middle of, but that's where the magic of SoF comes in, we all come together as a unit to help, encourage, and push each other out. My team, its really there to push me when ever my mental block wants me to stop.
Thanks again... Talk to you guys next week...

And if you are wondering what am I having for lunch... Salad, Chicken and cottage cheese. I'm ready for the SoF Blitz Hour Challenge.

Are you ready for the SoF challenge?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Soldiers Of Fitness - Blitz Hour - Day One

Oh, my!
I would've never guessed that after not doing SOF for 6 months I was going to be soooo out of shape. Going in on Day 1, Today, I was excited but nevious at the same time. I really wanted to get it going, but 15 minutes in to the workout I just wanted it to end, I don't know why. I've done it before and I've known since before we even started that this wasn't going to be an easy task. I do want to get fit for my wedding and I do think that Soldiers Of Fitness is the way for me to do so. I've tried working out at gym's and I never really felt the encouragement to go back and keep on working out.

I love SoF because if I'm doing something I want to make sure I do it the right way or I might as well just stay at home and watch some TV.

I think that having someone to guide you, telling you if you need to lower your back, to keep doing push-ups with your knees down if you can't do them on your toes, to never quit, helps out to get to our main goal the right way. without injuring our selfs, and it also teaches us, to never quit on selfs. We set our own limits and the only way we can get better at doing something to to raise our own bar each an every time we are trying to do anything, running, doing ranger kicks, push-ups.

Yes, today was a bit hard, but, I know that right now, I'm on the right track to feeling great and looking even better on my wedding day, and also, nobody said loosing weight and getting back into shape was going to be easy, but the guys from SoF are going to make sure we, all of our Blitz Hour Class, make the right choices, and that we help each other, to get to the same goal and that we tell our selfs all the time to never quit on our self or our Class.

I'm really proud of the guys at the Radio Station, I'm sure just two of us knew what we where getting our selfs into, the other 3?, not really sure if they knew how much effort it actually took... I'm also thank full and impressed with our listeners that decided to come and join us in this crusade, I'm sure all your efforts from today are going to pay sooner than you think. It might seem a little hard but, trust me, it gets easier... at the end of this week, you'll notice that your stamina, your endurance, and your willingness to keep on going and pushing the envelope will increase and you'll even be surprise...

Let's keep on going, let's keep on pushing and let's make sure we achieve everything that we want to out of this... HUA!
(Heard Understood Acknowledge)