Thursday, November 3, 2016

Board Game Drive

Board Games are a very healthy tool for social interaction. But they also increase relaxation as well as happiness and laughter. All very important for children, adults and seniors.

From October 24th to December 23rd you can drop off your gently used or new board games at any one of our locations:

Metal Galaxy Social Games and Bistro - 4624 Macleod Trail SW
Pips Board Game Cafe - 2015 33 Ave SW
Hexagon Board Game Cafe - 1140 Kensington Rd NW
Boxcar Cafe1215 1 St SW

The games will be donated to 3 different organizations across Calgary:
•             The Discover House – Shelter for Women and Children
•             Dream Center- Women’s and Men’s shelter
•             Bethany Seniors Group- Senior’s living
In return for your donation selected stores want to provide you with a discount on new board games:
  • With every 2 games donated, each store is offering 10% off new board games (Metal Galaxy, Pips, Boxcar, Hexagon)
  • With 3 or more board games donated, each store is offering 20% off new board games (Metal Galaxy, Pips, Boxcar) 
This is a great opportunity to donate those games which others can greatly  benefit from, while getting discounts on new games. This is awesome is you're looking to take off some named of your Christmas list or if you're looking for some personal pampering or just a new game to entertain your friends or family over the weekend.

Please donate gently used games… What do they mean by Gently Used Games? They mean, that it has all the pieces, is in good condition, and have instructions.

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