Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Herbal Magic "Cooking 101" with Carlos

I will start posting some recipes that I’m sure anyone can do, your kitchen/cooking skills do not matter. The recipes are simple, fast, delicious and last but certainly not least, healthy!

I like to make these burritos every morning and the cool thing is that you can always change them up to fit any craving you have. I’ll give you the basics and then you can change it accordingly.

I usually buy my groceries at Safeway and Superstore. There are some items I can only get at one place, for example I get Flat Out Wraps (120 calories per) at Safeway. Fat Free Deli you can find it at any market or deli store, vegetables are always great at Superstore. This is how I like to do it just because it helps the morning routine feel like a breeze.

- Ingredients:

1 Flat-Out Wrap
1 Egg (Huevo)
50 gr. Fat Free Deli Meat (Jamón)
¼ Cup of Onion (Cebolla)
¼ Cup of Green Peppers (Pimiento Verde)
¼ Cup of Cottage Cheese (Queso Cottage)
½ Jalapeño
Ground Black Pepper (Pimienta)

- Cooking Instructions:

Heat up a frying pan
While the pan is heating up chop up your veggies
Add a thin coat of Pam and saute your vegetables just to take off the raw onion taste and to make them a little juicier
Add the Deli meat and keep tossing it around to avoid burning
Add the Egg and then just scramble around with everything in the pan.
Add pepper to taste and Voila!
Just add it to the Wrap and add the Cottage Cheese

For fun and to take further advantage of my time, while my vegetables are cooking I drop to the floor and do 30 crunches and 10 pushups…

That way I do a little something to get that blood flowing early in the AM.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

E-mail me a picture of your final product to carlos@1015energyfm.com

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