Monday, April 26, 2010

I just want to drive!!!

Since getting my MINI from MINI Crowfoot I look for a reason just to drive! Prior to getting my MINI, I was looking for excuses to just stay at home and not leave my house after both my wife and I got home after a day of work. Now, I don't care what it is... We need limes?! I'll go get them! We need apples? I'm on it! What? No gum! No problem! I even started trying different grocery stores; I found myself shopping at Zellers in Sunridge Mall on Friday even though there is a Zellers just a few blocks from my place.

Everyone asks me how is the MINI? I can only tell them "It's Awesome, so much fun to drive!" I had to get gas for the first time on Sunday Morning! I got the MINI on Friday at 4 pm and I've done A LOT of driving and didn't have to get gas until Sunday! I was blown away!

I was invited to be a honorable member of the MINI Club of Calgary and on Sunday we went for the first drive of the season around town then making a final stop at Cochrane for Ice Cream at MacKay's. I was impressed to see that they are all just people like you and me, with kids, jobs, and come from all walks of life. A MINI is a right fit for everyone, doesn't matter if you're in the computer biz, or if you are still going to school or just an employee. If you own a MINI or know someone that owns a MINI tell them to check the MINI Club of Calgary - they are fun people and I'm glad they welcomed me into their club.

This past week I went around the city introducing the MINI to listeners and people at different locations handing out cool prizing from the guys at MINI Crowfoot, and I still have plenty more to go around. Make sure you flag me down, I’ll pull over and hand some out to you.

Also, remember that you still have a couple of weeks left to get your Name suggestion for my MINI, so its personality can shine! Submit your name suggestion to and you could win a MINI experience for a weekend!

This week I want to see how many times I can pack my MINI, so I’m taking donations for the Calgary Food Bank. This is going to be a lightning round of donations, one day and one day only. It doesn’t matter if it’s one grocery bag or a box of donations, remember that every little bit counts.

I leave you all thanking you in advance for your kind donations, and I look forward to seeing you on Friday!


minidd said...

Welcome to the MINI community.

Ben said...

Glad you could join us! Hope to see you at another event!

Welcome to the club...

Goodwill Carlos said...

Thanks Minidd and Ben! I will make it to the resst of them for sure! it was awesome to drive just for the fun of driving!

You guys where amazing!