Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mmmm Pizza!!!

Oh My God!

It's hard to believe that only 7 months ago I was joining Herbal Magic weight loss and I got on the scale and saw a number that I've promised not to see ever again. 339.4 lbs.

Over the long weekend my wife and I drove down to Seattle and did some serious damage in the outlets. I actually enjoyed shopping! I can't recall when was the last time I actually walked into a store and had fun shopping! I walked into Kenneth Cole and bought a couple of shirts. What size? LARGE! I'm not longer using XXL! I don't know if how else to say how excited I am. I wish you can feel and see my excitement.

This hasn't been easy, but it really hasn't been hard either. Herbal Magic weight loss has given me all the tools that I need to help me get to my goal. Today I don't weigh 339.4 lbs. I weigh 233 lbs. 233!!! I've lost 106.4 lbs in 7 months!!! A friend of mine told me that these last 15 lbs where going to be the hardest, and I can see that he was right, but with my determination and with the help of Herbal Magic weight loss and their coaches and most importantly their recipes I know this is possible.

I'm a big BIG fan of Pizza so big that when I was younger (7 years old) and lived in Toronto for a month they are only two phone numbers I remember: 967-11-11 and 241-0-241. If you recognize these numbers, you probably are a BIG fan of pizza too and I'm actually high-fiving you right now! :)

I've been able to eliminate this craving thanks to the Pizza recipe that they have on the Herbal Magic cook book, and I'll share it with you, it’s easy to make and it takes 20 minutes to get it done:

- Ingredients:

1 Weight watchers tortilla wrap
¼ Cup of Healthy Choices Pasta Sauce
½ Cup of pineapple
50 grams of Fat Free Deli Meat
1 Oz of Cheese

- Cooking Instructions:

Preheat oven to 350ºF
Pour the pasta sauce over the tortilla wrap
Cut the Fat Free Deli Meat into squares and toss it over the tortilla
Grate the cheese and toss it over the tortilla
Cut the Pineapple into bite size pieces and toss over the tortilla.
Just bake for 10 - 15 minutes and you have a great, healthy personal pizza!

If you want to make it "ala Carlos" just add Jalapeño slices over top or if you feel BOLD add Habanero Pepper Salsa to it. Give this recipe a try and let me know how you like it.

This recipe is for one serving and all the ingredients count as a daily intake of ½ Protein, 1 Dairy, 1 Fruit, 1 Starch and ½ of your free exchange.


bodyhacker said...

Just found your site and wanted to share my love for tortilla pizzas too! I have to admit that I make this at least 2-3 times a week for dinner. Not sure if you ever tried La Tortilla Factory Low Carb/High Fiber Tortillas. They are only 80cals per tortilla and taste great!

They are a great size for pizza although we use the wraps for all of my meals too – breakfast (egg burritos), lunch (all types of wraps such as turkey, veggie..etc) and dinner although they can be also used for snacks (you just have to get creative).

If you are interested, we list one of my favorite recipes (Italian Veggie Pizza) on our site.
Hope you like the recipe!

Thanks for great post and forward to reading more!

Goodwill Carlos said...

send me an email with your recipe and I will post it ASAP!

Thanks for the comment and hope to hear fro you again!