Thursday, September 23, 2010

MINI Blizzards for everyone!

It all started with MINI Charlie having a craving for a MINI Blizzard! "They are the perfect size" he said. So we decided to treat as many people as we could in Calgary to a MINI Blizzard!

Being in the south part of the city was great! I was really unsure about how big of a reaction we would have based on the weather. Man, did we ever pick the right location! I decided to follow Charlie's suggestion and make a few extra GC's just in case. Probably 20 minutes before 4 I was out of GC's!

The interaction with the people is amazing! Charlie love's getting his picture taken with everyone, and people love Charlie!

"We saw Charlie at the corner and we where sure you where here."

But people, please be aware that MINI Charlie isn't pretty, he isn't Cutre. Sorry let me elaborate. A listener walked up to me and told me:

"Wow, Charlie is so Pretty!" and I had to reply... "He's not pretty, he's AWESOME!"

This Friday we'll be on Stephen Ave hanging out with the rest of his friends from the Dilawri Automotive Group, and we'll have tons of prizes to give away. Make sure you stop in by between 11 and 4 to get your hands on some Free SWAG and to take a look at MINI Charlie!

PS. MINI Charlie's Blizzard Flavor... Strawberry with Golden Oreo Cookies... Delish!

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