Friday, October 28, 2011

Take all your friends out for Halloween...

Of all the members of the holiday family, we all know Halloween is the artist of the bunch. Once a year it casts a spell of mischief on us all, and as we dole out fistfuls of confectionary delights, it doles out liberal doses of creative license in the departments of evening garb and household décor. Everyday things like hairspray, forgotten old clothes, and even the white sheets off your bed have their routine function usurped as they are tossed together in creative ensembles to become the trappings of disguise and entertainment. We don masks and adopt aliases, and we give ourselves up wholeheartedly to the command of our wayward creative spirits.

Being the imaginative community that you are, we suspect you’ve got some clever ideas up your sleeve for this Halloween. What are you dressing up for? But most importantly, how are you getting there? Let your drive down to your friends’ house for Halloween be a fun drive. Get there in a MINI, but don't go alone. Now, you can take all your friends with you.

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