Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's Stuff MINI Deeds!

We're calling out to all of the Community Heroes out there to donate any gently used sporting goods lying around your house, taking up space and simply not being used. These items will help make the lives of young Calgarians in need that much brighter this holiday season.

There's plenty of schools, charities and other organizations that will most definately give these items a good use. We want to make sure that kids in need live fun, healthy, active lives. Until the holiday season ends, MINI Deeds and I will be accepting donations throughout Calgary.

Find our next location here on our blog and drop off your items wherever you find us on location. You can also drop them off directly at MINI Crowfoot or contact MINI Deeds and Carlos by filling out this form and we'll be more than happy come to your office or home to pick them up!

On behalf of MINI Deeds, myself, KooL 101.5, & MINI Crowfoot thank you for helping make Calgary a better place to live.

Find us at the Talisman Centre on Friday, November 4!

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