Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To all my friends & neighbors...

By now, you've probably heard on the radio or seen on my facebook page that we're trying to stuff MINI Deeds, an All4 All-Wheel Drive MINI Countryman, with as many gently used sporting goods as possible for young Calgarians in need of a brighter and more fun holiday season.

Some of you have already made a donation, some of you are looking for items to donate around your house, and for those minutes invested in finding those items I, and MINI Deeds, Thank You!

But, we're not done yet! Start sorting out thru all your things and get ready. MINI Deeds and I will be at the Calgary Farmers' Market this Friday from 8am to 1pm taking all the Gently Used Sporting Equipment that you wish to donate. And if you're amongst the first 50 people to stop by to drop off your donations, The Main Dish will supply a small meal of Chilli or Medium Salad!

Take a look around your house, in the garage, or that closet that everyone is afraid to open and look for any gently used sporting equipment that is lying around not being used. We'll be more than happy to pick those up from you at home, or at work!

All you have to do is fill this form and we'll be more than happy to pick those up from you! Or, if you want to stop by MINI Crowfoot and drop them off in person you can do that too! But I highly encourage you let the Winter Driving to us...

Don't forget about the best part! For each donation that you make, we'll have your name entered into a draw for a $1,000 shopping spree at CrossIron Mills Mall! How's that for a Holiday financial relief!?

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