Monday, December 12, 2011

How much load can a MINI Countryman Hold?

Take a look at this picture...

Here's what you should see:

1) 1 Table
2) 2 Station Pull-Ups
3) 1 Mountain Bike
4) 2 Skis
5) 2 Ski poles
6) 2 Ski Boots
7) 1 Chair (the second one was a loaner chair from the Calgary Farmers' Market)
8) 2 Station Flags (set-up outside of the Calgary Farmers' Market)
9) 2 Station Flag Stands
10) 2 45 lbs weights to hold down the Station Flags
11) 1 Boom Box to play the KooL Tunes
12) 1 Draw Box for Prince Concert Tickets
13) 4 pairs of Ice Skates

and it all fits without a problem in MINI Deeds... And I still had room for more!

We still need your help! Go to and MINI Deeds & I will come over to your house or work to pick up all your genlty used sporting equipment for kids in need!

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