Monday, March 30, 2015

Keep a Roof Over Their Heads


I'm more than happy to announce that On Thursday, May 7th I'm joining other people in Calgary to help raise funds for the YWCA of Calgary.

On Thursday, May 7th, I'm going to brave the weather, Line-up outside the YWCA, wait for a cot in the gym and sleep homeless for just one night. I'll get to live what, sadly, lots of women have endured on many other occasions. I'm going to be needed your help as I help create awareness for the YWCA. 

I'm seeking donations to help Keep a Roof Over Their Heads - I'm going to leave the comfort of my house, I'll leave my wife, my newborn daughter and my dog for just one night to experience a homeless life. 

Please, make a donation and help get the YWCA the much needed funds to help them keep their doors open and to Keep a Roof Over Their Heads.

Wondering where will your dollars go?

Your donations provide direct opportunities for women and children to stabilize their lived and move from crisis to economic stability, through the programs and services that the YWCA of Calgary provides. Click here for more information on where your dollars go.

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