Friday, January 9, 2009

Shane Mercado - Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

This morning, Internet phenom Shane Mercado joined us on the Freeway and Meg Morning show live from NYC to announce his choice for the winner of the Single ladies/Beyonce Dance Off between Ian and Carlos.

IAN is the winner in Shane's mind, His reason "it seemed more close to Home, With the thight space...", In my defense I think that if make a comparison on body size to Room size ratio I think we are pretty even, but on the other hand I won the poeple's choice click with 714 video views and counting edging out Ian who received 669 page views.

You can check out Shane, the original diva here and add the already 1.9 million page views he's received for his video:

WATCH SHANE MERCADO!! (this version from the Bonnie Hunt Show)

You can also find more clips by YouTubing "Single Ladies Single Man" you will get more of the videos done by Shane...

Thank you all...

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