Thursday, January 8, 2009

Single Ladies

Oh man! I can't belive I actually had the courage to actually do this video for all of you guys to enjoy, I'm not going to lie, I was a little shy at first, I really didn;t know on the outcome of what was I going to do, then Ian said something that made more sence for me to do, "focus on your strongest points".. Well Spanish is one of them, I'll add Spanish subtitles to mine! amd I know hgow to work a Camera and editing software... I'll take a few shot of a few moves from the video and Hopefuly it'll look good and funny at the same time... The final product... well, I think its funny and I had a lot of fun filming it at home... You tell me what you think... who knows, if you also decide that there is a song I should dance to I could start taking requests!...

PS... Thank you all for your reply and comments...

Ashley Bird at 7:31am January 8
Aaaaaahhhhh Carlos you're awesome!!!

Jeff Weber at 8:56pm January 7
I don't know whether to laugh or cry... Either way, I just gained a bunch of respect for you!

Michelle Mallet Beauchesne at 7:58pm January 7
Toooooo funny! Camlen says you HAVE to win!!!!

Kimberly McCorkell at 4:36pm January 7
OMG - beautiful!!!!LMAO good work.

Cory Knibutat at 10:32am January 7
LOL you guys really do a lot of hard work at the station huh? hahahaha

Diane Salerno Wells at 10:33am January 7
Thanks for making me laugh this morning!!! You were was great:))))

Robin Darsi at 10:07am January 7
That Video was AWESOME!! hahaha

stubbynumber (16 hours ago)
Sorry carlos, i liked ians better

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