Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pedal to the Metal

I just got an e-mail a few days ago about the traffic cameras being able to snap a picture of you

No, Not like that... I mean Speeding Vehicles and you would get a nice picture on the mail of the vehicle and the license plate of the vehicle just like this one!

So, don't be surprise and watch out your speed in general... Specially in this locations...

Macleod Tr / 162 Av SE
Macleod Tr /12 Ave SE
Centre St/ 20 Ave N
John Laurie Bv / 53 St NW
68ST /16 Ave NE
Sarcee Tr / Richmond Rd SW
4 St / 6 Ave SW
61 Ave / Barlow Tr SE
Crowchild Tr / 24 Ave NW
11 Ave / 4 St SW
11 Ave / 14 St SW
17 Ave / 44 St SE
14 St / Heritage Dr SW
14 St / Northmount Dr NW
64 Ave / 4 St NE
Anderson Rd / Acadia Dr SE
9 Ave / 11 St SW
Barlow Ttr / 32 Ave NE
52 ST / 32 AVE NE
Bowness Rd / Shaganappi Tr NW
Canyon Meadows Dr / Bowbottom Tr SE
Southland Dr / Acadia Dr SE
Fairmount Dr / Southland Dr SE
Elbow Dr / Southland Dr SW
Beddington Tr / Centre St N
Falconridge Bv / 64 Av NE
1 Street / 17 Ave SE
McKnight Bv / Barlow Tr NE
Barlow Tr / Centre Av E
Shaganappi Tr / Northland Dr NW
Blackfoot Tr / 42 Ave SE
Memorial Dr / 52 St NE
16 Ave / 10 Street NW
Edmonton Tr / McKnight BV NE
Memorial Dr / 28 St NE
Macleod Tr / 7 Ave SE
Bow Tr / 33 St SW
17 Ave / 33 St SW
Elbow Dr / Heritage Dr SW
Country Hills Bv / Beddington Tr NW
Glenmore Tr / Barlow Tr SE
McKnight Bv / Falconridge Bv NE
Macleod Tr / 25 Av SE
Country Hills BV / 14 St NW

1 comment:

Melissa and Dave said...

The one at Anderson & Acadia likes to take your pics, even when you're siting at the red light behind the stop line. I have seen it go off many times during theabove event. But I'm not sure if those people have gotten letters in the mail about those events supposidly occurring to them.

Oh and, sometimes you might need to actually fight the photo in court. Someone that I know had a picture taken of their car in a construction zone, the picture had the vehicle beside them photoshopped out of the pic. The photo(and charges) were supposed to actually be of the vehicle beside them, not themselves.