Thursday, June 24, 2010

Great party, Good food!

I remember that for my wife’s birthday party we booked the owner’s lounge at our condo building. I wanted to have the authentic Mexican tacos and Salsa’s, but my wife asked me not to do that, she wanted me to have fun and not cook all night for our guests. So I had to come up with a quick and simple plan for food… Best/non-expensive thing I thought of serving was Pizza from Costco! Just heat/bake in the over for 6 minutes and they are done! But, you know pizza has been the hardest thing for me to quit so I had to come up with a plan b for myself. I made myself a whole pizza from the Herbal Magic cook book and before I knew it, people from the party wanted me to let them in on the secret of the Herbal Pizza!

I promised them that I would give them re recipe. So, here it is. You can always tweak it and make it with your own favorite ingredients. I know that this is by far one of my favorite things to make from the cook book. Make it your own and have some fun. That is one of the things I like about Herbal Magic, you get the guidelines and you get to have fun and experiment with your own favorite ingredients.


1 Flat-Out Wrap
100 gr. Fat Free Deli Meat (Jamón)
1 oz of Cottage Cheese (Queso)
½ cup of Pineapple
1 Cup of Healthy Choice pasta sauce (Salsa de spaguetti marca Healthy Choice)

- Cooking Instructions:

Preheat the over at 400º
Add pasta sauce to your wrap
Slice and then add the deli meat on to the wrap
Slice and then add the pineapple to your wrap
Shred and then add the cheese to your wrap
Slide into oven until the cheese has melted (8 – 10 minutes)

You will enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

This recipe sounds soooooo good! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to give it a try!