Thursday, June 3, 2010

He is family...

MINI Charlie & I wanted to show some of the less fortunate kids from the Kids Up Front program that a great time is possible no matter what kind of day. Charlie and I met up with the MINI Crew at Heritage Park in the morning. Despite the poor weather we had a great time - Charlie even got them all new MINI hats!

We spent a whole day enjoying Heritage Park. This made me realize that MINI really is the perfect family vehicle. If you have kids of your own and wondering if they would all fit in the car, guess what? They do! Currently I have my In-laws visiting and I thought I was probably going to have to make a lot of trips back and forth to get us to our destinations. Man, did Charlie prove me wrong! On Sunday I took my wife and in-laws to do some shipping at the GAP in Deerfoot Meadows and take advantage of their last day with 40% off on all their items. I bought some really needed new pants that actually fit me they way pants are supposed to fit. Then we all went to Costco to stock up on groceries that we would need for the time visiting, pretty much piling up the shopping cart.

Believe it or not, we fit 4 grown adults, shopping bags from GAP, and the groceries from a fully stocked-up shopping cart from Costco in MINI Charlie. I was pretty impressed. Charlie just doesn’t stop amazing me. Every now and then I find another thing that makes me say “That’s Awesome!”

This weekend we are going to Banff and Charlie is more than excited to go and spent a few days in the mountains being one with nature and maybe taking a plunge in the hot springs. I’ve asked him to keep his big bright eyes open for wild life. I know I have nothing to worry. People ask me why name my MINI? The best answer I have for them is that Charlie is not a car, he is Family. I’m positive that everyone that owns a MINI has named their MINI’s. It’s the MINI thing to do.

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