Thursday, May 5, 2016

#KeepARoof for the YWCA of Calgary 

Women become homeless for many reasons. Some have lost their jobs, others are fleeing violent, unhealthy relationships or have health breakdowns. Many women also struggle with substance abuse or mental health issues. All have one thing in common; they are vulnerable and need a safe, warm and compassionate place to land.

This is my second year volunteering to become a “Homeless Hero” for 1 night tonight (May 5th) I`ll be taking part in this adventure, “Keep a Roof Over Their Heads” for the YWCA. I`ll be experiencing what it is like for a woman that has nowhere else to go. This may include a women fleeing domestic abuse in the middle of the night or a young person that simply can’t afford rent and has been evicted and can’t go home. Hopefully this is nobody in our circles of family and friends…..but it happens all the time. Doesn’t matter if’s its -35 on a Monday night…..there are women in need. Most of these women get up and go to jobs the next day and depend on donations to keep the shelter open.

Every dollar counts and I’m trying to raise as little or as much as possible. If, and only if, you have $5 or $10 to spare for this cause, please donate.  If you could pass this around your office, friends or family that could help support the cause, I would really appreciate that too.

Here is the link to donate:

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