Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Great Pie Chuck-N- Chomp!

On June 24th my wife (who doesn't know yet) will get a chance to throw a Pie to My Face!!! and I'll be more than happy about it!

Pie Cloud and Calgary Meals on Wheels present the 1st annual Great Pie Chuck and Chomp Event!
  • The Chuck!  Those being pied will be dubbed “Pie Chuckees” and will wear goggles and a clothing cover to receive a cream pie gently tossed from a distance of five feet from our designated “Pie Chucker”. Pie Chuckees will choose a fundraising goal and use a public pledge page to collect support for their charitable efforts. Those getting pied must reach their fundraising goal in order to get a face full of whipped goodness! We need YOUR SUPPORT to ensure the Chuckees taste the good stuff!

  • The Chomp!  Our “Pie Chompers” will have their hands tied behind their backs and will be timed in eating a full berry pie to completion.  The champion wins bragging rights, alumni distinction, and a congratulatory trophy. Chompers will have fundraising pages for public support of their charitable efforts.  The Chomper with the most funds raised will win a catered lunch for their team to chomp on courtesy of Calgary Meals on Wheels and Pie Cloud!* *Maximum 20 people*
A pledge of over $100.00 grants you access to view the pie spectacle and to cheer the participant you chose to support.

Like I said before, I'm participating in the Pie Chuck part of the event and I want my wife to be the one to throw that pie straight to my face.

Why do I want to participate? The Calgary Meals On Wheels began as a small operation back in 1965, delivering meals to eight clients from a church basement and now has grown into a thriving, innovative production facility that prepares, packages and delivers 1,700 meals each day; more than 420,000 meals a year! Although their principal clients are seniors, they offer five different programs that are open to all Calgarians who are in need of a meal service to maintain independence in their own homes, regardless of age or circumstance. They focus on serving all individuals in need of nutritious meals including the homeless, and vulnerable school children.


So please, donate!

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