Friday, August 8, 2008

SOF Week 4, Day 1 - I can't belive its almost over...

Its kind of sad realizing that I only have 4 days left doing my SOF monthly session... I mean, it seems like it was yesterday I was complaining and gasping for air as I was running 800 mts... It insane how far we've all come in only 15 days... We are all runing at least 5 K's and carrying Misery, Pain, Poles, Tires or Actually doing push-ups, sit-ups... Man, its impressive how fast your body adapts to anything that you really set your mind to do... Very wisely Instructor Quian said once "your only enemy to your acomplishments and your goals is your self". Now I see how true that is.

Back to reallity, I was doing pushups since we had some people not showing up because of injuries. One of the rules of SOF is that you need to give 24 hrs notice if you are not coming to meet with the rest of your platoon... 24 hrs, not 24 minutes before the class starts... So, we had to do 10 push-ups, I went to the ground and went to knee push-up possition, and I heard one of our instructors said "this is week 4! I can't belive you are doing knee push-ups... At least try doing a full push-up..." So I did... One... "Ok this is fine"... Two... "Huuu that feels good baby!!!" Three... "Burn... Deep burn..." Four... "OMG this hurts a bit... Come on one more baby...." Five.... Pusssh... Pussssssh... Come on... I can do it... "Ouch!!! That's that pain!!!" I felt something pulled in a weird part of my body, where my leg and waist meet... I somehow managed to finished the day... But it hurt a lot at the end of the day... Intructor Quian (who's got a Masters in BioMechanics) said I should rest... I got home and passed out as soon as I got out of the shower... I was feeling the effects of pushing your self to far to fast. But its worth ever second of it... Oorah!!!

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