Friday, August 8, 2008

SOF Week 4, Day 3 - Dude, where's the Pool?!

No really, where is the Pool?! Broken?! What do you mean is Broken?! Man!!! I was really looking forward to the pool!!! I even had my new swimming trunks on!!! Man... I really wanted to show off my nice brozely tan legs!!! Ok. They are pasty white, I guess I've been in Canada way to long...

So, now what?!, we can't run in our swimming gear... That's when instructor Quian said, all of those that have work out clothes with us, change cus we'll work out, all of those who don't have any work out gear can go home and we won't get penalized... Its a good think I was planning on doing loundry today. I mean, yeah its dirty, its only going to get dirtier... Yeah it smells... But I aint going to a beauty contest... WAIT a Minute... I had an easy way out... I could've just gone home and sleep, and I actually want to work out?! Something is wrong in this picture... I guess I'm finally becoming a Soldier of Fitness... Oorah!

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