Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is that really me?

So close, but yet so far. That's how I currently feel but I understand why. I went to Herbal Magic weight loss today after work and got on the scale I'm only 10 lbs away. I have to accept that I´ve plateau. It's hard to accept, but it's all part of the process. I've lost so much weight and so fast that I have to give my body size (inches) a chance to catch up with my weight loss.

Also, since I'm working out I'm starting to lose inches in certain parts of my body (my belly) but gaining a few inches in other parts (my leg muscle) Since I'm running 2 miles a day. My leg muscle is starting to grow. I've lost 110 lbs so far, and I've lost 103 inches overall. My size loss is finally catching up to my weight loss. I know I will get to my goal before I even know it.

This weekend I have a wedding to go to and I was planning on getting my old suit fix. I thought it would be an easy fix, but then again, I'm not a tailor. I went to visit my tailor with my old suit in hand and my tailor laugh when I asked him if it was possible for him to fix it. His answer? “it would be easier for me to make you a new one from scratch, you've lost so much weight that this has chance for repair” I felt bad, because I bought that suit a while ago and I really liked it. Look at it, I looked good in it!

I had to accept that I had to buy a new suit and I went on a Suit mission. I ended up at The Bay, I asked if Bonnie Brooks was in the building I was really disappointed. I asked one of the guys there if he could help me find a suit. I had no clue of what size I had to buy now since my last one was my tux for my wedding. He measured me and pulled the one I liked from the rack. I tried it on and to my surprise and for the first time ever NOTHING had to get altered, it's like Perry Ellis used me as a Model for that suit. I don´t recall when was the last time I was able to wear a suit and didn't had to get any alterations! And I have to admit that a suit makes anyone look good. I couldn´t believe that was really me reflected in the mirror.

I will show you pictures of me in my new suit next wee after we get back from my friends wedding. You'll be the one to tell me if it looks good or not.

Tomorrow, I go again to Herbal Magic weight loss, and whatever the number in the scale is I know it's a better number than the one I saw 8 months ago. It is not and will never be 340 lbs ever again! One step closer to the real me. I'm finally getting a chance to look the way I feel. Bring it on summer!

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