Monday, May 24, 2010

Meet MINI Charlie!

I can´t believe we already got a name! MINI Charlie it´s pretty darn cool. Not a lot of people know this but Carlos in English could be: Chuck, Charles, Charlie or Carl. So having a listener nominate Charlie as the name for my MINI was crazy! But the funny thing is that she had no clue that Carlos meant any of those names in English. She said that the name just came to her and I couldn't have chosen a better name for someone that is part of the family. My MINI.

For the last couple of days we’ve been hitting the streets pretty hard. Making sure you can find us in any place you can imagine. Deep in the south, or way out there in the north, we want to make sure you get a chance to see us and get your hands on some of the cool MINI freebees we have to pass on to you.

Sometimes I get a message on Facebook asking how much does it cost to get some of the stuff I’m giving away. I’m giving it away! So, it’s Free! Have no fear to wave me down and say hi next time you see me driving, MINI Charlie and I are always packing lots of freebees and we want to make sure you get your hands in some.

MINI Charlie was visiting this last weekend his friends at MINI Crowfoot and we had a chance to see all the options they offer to suit him up for this summer season. I’m personally more of a bike rider more than a camper over the summer. I saw the bike racks that they have and how easy it makes loading and unloading your bike because of the height of the vehicle. I won´t have a problem with my back because of lifting the bike over my head. And the best part of it all is that he still looks cool and I don’t have to worry about hitting everything on top of him while driving into park aides. And if unique-ing is more of your thing, the sky is the limit. Your MINI will be the only one of its kind and I can guarantee you there will be no other MINI like your MINI.

No, that is not MINI Charlie, it's one of his cousins that already has a Bike Rack on. and he is ready to hit the mountains.

Thank You Calgary. Now, Let's MINI!

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