Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lifes are changing in the best way possible

Good Morning Meg & Carlos,

As promised I am keeping you updated on my Herbal Magic Journey.

I Started on Jan 9th, weighing in at 183.6 lbs.

As of yesterday I have lost 15.2 lbs and 17.75 inches. I am now below the 170 lb mark, weighting in at 168.4

I actually went shopping on the weekend and “GASP” was able to fit into a size 12 (down from a size 16). I actually picked size 14's off the shelf and my fiancé told me to try the 12’s, am sooooooo happy that I listened to him.

I am actually buying clothes that I want to, that look good. Instead of buying what fit and what would cover up the rolls.

Thanks again for being the inspiration for me to start this.


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