Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wow there, Take it easy!

I was wondering for the last couple of days what was going on with my journey, am I supposed to be sitting on 250 lbs for good?! Is that supposed to be the ideal weight of my body?! Was I ever going to get to my goal of 220 lbs?!

Then, the girls from Herbal Magic told me the truth, I was probably getting too comfortable, I had to go back to square one, measure everything, weigh everything and eating the right portions, no slacking on drinking my water portions... I was getting a little too comfortable eyeballing everything I was eating...

Good news - I've gotten back on track and just by following their instructions and keeping to my actual portions I've dropped a few pounds, I'm down today a total of 93.2 lbs! I tried carrying 90 lbs with my hands and I never realized the amount of strain I was putting my body through. I have to accept that it was hard trying to carry that now, I still don't know how I managed to function for over 28 years with that much weight on me.

Today, I sit back and look at pictures of the old me, the pre-Herbal Magic Carlos and I have to admit I'm lucky I found my wife and that I have a great personality, because God knows she didn't like me for my looks. I still can't believe I allowed myself to get to that point where a simple walk around the corner made me feel out of breath! I'm thankful for all the support I get from the girls at Herbal Magic, I know that I wouldn't be here at 246.2 lbs, just 26.2 lbs away from reaching my goal of 220 lbs... It seems like yesterday when I got on the scale for the first time and I felt so happy for dropping my first 10 lbs.

It took one of my best friends, Meg Tucker from the Chris & Meg Morning Show, to convince me to take that first step that it was much needed. Not for looks; looks would be one of the perks, but for my own health.

I would like to thank the following people: Meg for the encouragement, for the butt kicks and for all the support.

Amanda, Jamie, Kalli, Jessica and Christina, My Herbal Magic Coaches down at Lincoln Park (if you are around the neighborhood stop and say hi to them, they are amazing and super funny), and last, but most certainly not least, my adorable wife, who has to put up with me, and who has to pick me up when I fall down, when I feel that I won't be able to do it she is the one picking me up at home.

I Love You baby.

What would inspire you to take that first step? Call Herbal Magic (403) 246-9629 they will help you land on your feet when you decide to take that first step.

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