Friday, September 5, 2008

Au Natural Concert

LOL... I do have to agree!!! I am a lucky guy!!! Not only am I getting married to the must wonderful and pretty girl ever!!! But, I’ve also met one of the most talented and pretty artists aver!!! Need less to say I do Love My Girl (fiancé) Maria Luisa (MaLu)… but we all have Platonic Crushes… I mean… There is no one single person out there that is going to deny having a Platonic Crush in an Artist, the kind where you know is never EVER going to happen, but you still think that they are Super Cute!

Mine is Kreesha Turner… I sweat I’ve never turned so RED in my life!!! I was blushing sooo hard… I couldn’t even deny it… and she noticed and that didn’t help me either… not only is she Super Attractive, but she is also an amazing person to talk to… I really hope to see her again some day… and if she remembers me I would be blown away!!!


Now I probably have to go sleep at the couch…

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