Sunday, September 28, 2008

Some Goals

after doing some research at the radio station during our LTA from the Whiskey I came to the conclussion that I want to become an Apple Certified Pro... I'm an avid Apple fan, I saved my money to buy my lap-top that I've owned for almost 4 years and I Love It!!! I can't get enought of it... and since then I became an Apple Fan... Got my iPod Touch and I'm actually paying for all my software (iLife and iWork '08, and Final Cut Express HD) I just cant get enought of it, but I want do learn more and more... my Dad used to say that you can't never know too much and I've decided that I want to learn a whole lot more and get certified on it, I guess that the worst that could happen would be having an awesome experience and an Crazy hobbie!!! and I get to say that "I'm a Certified Pro" that by it self sounds awesome!!!... when would I do this?!?! I have no clue... but I guess i still have a while before I kick the bucket... to I guess I still have some time to figure some things... 'till then... I'll keep working on making people happy and making my wife-to-be the happiest girl ever!!! sorry Kreesha Turner (I never had a chance)... My girl owns my heart and soul...

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