Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Steps

I should never let my mind wonder so much... Tonight while editing some videos for our Social Experiment, and while Op'ing our LTA from The Whiskey... It just hit me... I grew up in a small Small Town in Mexico. Chetumal, Quintana Roo (220,000 in 2005) and who would've thought that I was going to grow up to work in Radio in a major market like Calgary, that I would have the chance to meet a lot of music artist and actors... That I was going to take part in events that are going to change the perspective of Radio around a whole country!!!
To tell you the truth, I knew I was suppose to do other things with my life rather than just staying home and follow my dad's foot steps... but I never thought I was going to do what I do and still be able to say every single day that I LOVE MY JOB... and I LOVE THE PEOPLE I WORK WITH... and I LOVE even more the fact that they trust me enough to take part in really big events...
I would've never imagined that, me, a small town guy, would get this chance, if you ask me, it’s the chance of a life time.

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