Monday, September 29, 2008

Tough Guys Drive... Pink?!

That's Right!!!

I love the New Car!!! It's a Great Toyota Highlander from Country Hills Toyota... The guys hooked me up with a Nice SUV for our Social Experiment “2 Strangers and a Wedding”... I can't say enough how much I love it. I remember back in the Good Old College Days that one of my friends used to have one (back in 2005) and we used to go on overnight party trips to Banff and this truck feels Bigger and Tougher. It has Multiple Cup Holders (you can never have enough cup holders) and 2 plugs for car chargers in the front seats only, 3 rows of seats, and a sound system like no other. seriusly, a Great Truck!!!
Yes, It's Pink! and it still feels Tough... It's funny to drive downtown and realize how many people are looking at this vehicle... I'm not sure if they are saying "Man, that's a really nice Toyota" or "Man, that's really Pink" either way, it feels nice to drive around in a Car that fits... and I can't deny that it's a great conversation starter at parking lots and at gas stations... I've been told that I can really pull off the color... What do you think?!


amanda said...

Carlos, mabe you can find your way to Kaiser Exploration, we could use some joy in the office....Amanda

Goodwill Carlos said...

Kaiser Exploration... Done... email me with your contact information and maybe we could put something together... :)