Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 3 @ SOF - Still, No Cake Walk...

This was an awesome day, the sun was shining there was a little breeze in the air that made the that day just feel gorgeous. I had my water bottles with me, Yes, Bottles.

After our instructor said, you should have your water with you at all times, especially on a day like today... That's when I got scared... OMG!!!

Our day started as usual, line-up, attendance, and then came the instructions. 6 K Run/Jog/Double Time Walk thru 4 Hills... I thought I misunderstood the instructions, or that maybe something got lost in translation.

We started running up to the top of one of the hills, approximately 1.2 K. and we just kept going up... and up... my team started to move further ahead of me, but I wasn't going to let that bring me down, I wasn't going to quit on my team, They had to wait 'till we all get to the top of the hill and completed our exercises for us to move on towards the next hill, We Left as a Team, We Move as a Team.

Half way up to the 3rd Hill (that by the way, had an inclination of probably 60 degrees) I couldn't feel my legs, I was running out of breath so fast, it was getting harder for me to even move... but, my team was waiting for me at the top, I could hear them cheering "come on Cuevas, You can do it, You are almost there, One last push!!!" I had to keep on moving, I couldn't let them down, I couldn't let me down.

This is something really important that I've learned while at SOF. You have to learn to trust others, as they are trusting you, and a task is easier to perform as a group than by your self. I'm ready for day 4. Bring it on!!! Oorah!

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