Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SOF Day 12 – Look guys… A TV Crew…

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote on blog… but my picture like memory is going to help me type all that has been happening… Man was Tuesday a hot day… I mean HOT… I know, it’s probably funny for you to read that me being from where I am I’m complaining about the hot Calgarian weather, but I’ve never felt the heat so bad.

While we started with daily attendance we where introduced to a new one day working partner. He was filming a news story for CBC. So I knew I had to look my even better while working out, everyone in Calgary was going to look at us while we where all sweaty, covered in dirt and out of breath… Man is that a sexy camera shot or what?!

I remember that half way thru running and jumping up and down the park benches that I fell and it was at that same precise moment that I was in a camera shot… I regain my composure and kept at it, one of my work out partners asked me if I was ok… to which I replied Yes… and I might have shed a tear inside of me… but still look really tough for the camera…

At the end of the workout session 1 of each 3 teams had to recite our SOF Creed… this might explain why do we accept to do the things we do, things that to some of you might seem a little too much or over the top, this all has a reason, and I’ve seen the improvement, I’m more happy (so I’ve been told at the office) and I feel like doing more and more every single day… this is Soldiers of Fitness:

“There are things in my life that are out of my control. The only thing that I control is my ability to choose. Every day, I make the choice to come to this class, and do every exercise to the best of my ability. That is my choice, and right or wrong, that is what I choose to do. I will always take the path less traveled, I will always challenge my self, I will always be true to my self and my friends. For those who challenge themselves, life has a sweet flavor that the unwilling will never know.”

This is S. O. F. and trust me; it’s worth every single second. Oorah!

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