Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Week 2, Day 1 @ SOF - I'm still pushing my limits

The weekend came and WE GOT PAID!!! With Money in my pockets I went out on Friday right after SOF and decided to get the proper gear to work out.

I went straight to Market Mall and walked in to a Store I never thought I was going to walk in to get something for my self. Lush. I bought a couple of Bath Bombs and Bubble Bath thingy to have a nice relaxing weekend. I also bought (as recommended by the instructors) a proper pair of running shoes (took me approximately an hour to decide on color), as my Pumas where killing me as I have wide feet, and also bought a type of fanny pack to carry around my water bottle as we need our hands to exercise and to carry around tools with the names of Miserable, Pain, Poles and Tires (those are the only 4 I've met 'till today).

After the end of today's workout, I do have to agree that it was money well spent. My feet are not sore, and since my feet weren't hurting during the runs I managed to run for a longer time, and since I had my water bottle at reach at all times I managed to keep hydrated when I needed it. And keeping a few spare bottles of water at the car was a great idea!!!

Running, Moving the Miserable as a Team, pushing each other to reach our Limits as a Team. Learning when to ask for help (as asking for help is not a sign of weakness, is a sign of trust in your team). Those are just a few of the things we've learned so far at SOF. I'm sure that there is plenty more I can learn from everyone at SOF. Can't wit for Week 2, Day 2. Oorah!

PS - I also bought a new pair of jeans over the weekend, I'm already down 2 sizes. Oorah!!!

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