Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The End of Day 1... OH LORD!!!

I'm thankful to the Instructors for not quitting on me, they would never quit on anyone, but I still had the idea on the back of my head that they would quit on me as soon as they realized how I’m in such poor shape. Thank you Instructors and Corporal!

I can't explain how much pain I am in at this time in the morning, but I’m not in as much pain as I was last night. As soon as I got home after the workout I had supper, decided to sit and watch TV and within 5 minutes I was already sleeping on my couch.

Day 2 is on it's way, and I'm in pain. Working out with sore muscles doesn't sound like any fun at all. But I DO want to get better and show everyone that I'm capable to do this and so much more.

Talk to you tomorrow! Ps – here’s my FIRST email from “the bosses”…UGH…OOPS, I MEAN OORAH!

"Hi Carlos

Welcome to your 1st night as a ‘NEW’ candidate with SOF Calgary PM class. Your 1st day is over, you completed it, and lived to talk about it. You were put through the paces tonight, given an overview of what the month has in store. You showed up, ready to work, and give us good effort. In your 12 minute run, you let yourself stop, when you could have kept going. It was tough for you, but you didn’t need to walk when you did. You have speed and strength in those legs, you need to tap into that. Don’t allow yourself to shut down and let your brain sabotage you. You need to show up able to give us YOUR 100% effort. As was stated in class, quitting is NOT an option, stopping when injured definitely is. We aren’t comparing you to anyone else, and neither should you. Asking for help to finish your exercises doesn’t show weakness, it shows your commitment to the mission and the team you belong to. You will see improvements throughout the month, with a positive attitude, and giving us your all. When it gets tough, you need to dig deep and believe in yourself. Everyone around you has had a first day and a first month, so we ALL know how you feel. Your form for strength exercises needs to be consistent and watch your back and butt when doing pushups.

Way to go. Show up, work hard, and you will enjoy the ride!!

See you Tuesday evening.

Instructor Schotanus"

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