Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SOF Week 3, Day 1 - Let's Check How We're Doing

We’ve some how successfully (I say successfully because we are all still alive and kicking) completed 2 weeks. Now its time to check how much have we improved or if we’ve improved at all.

We start again by stretching, we did no warm-up laps, and that was an odd start to begin with. I ask out Instructors, why aren’t we doing warm-up laps and I got my answer, “You are going to run enough as it is” oh-ohh… I didn’t really like the sound of that…

We got tested one by one; we had to run 1 mile, twice as much as we did on day one. And this we where going to be timed on this. On day one I ran (barely) half a mile in 12 minutes, on day 11, I ran 1 mile in 13:36 minutes!!! There you Go!!!! I think this is really working out!!!

Then we went to upper body strength. How many Push-ups can you do in 1 minute!? No Knees, no arching your chest or back, not bum up in the air… Perfectly parallel to the ground?! On day 1 I couldn’t do one!!! Day 11, I did 4, when I started trying to push up for the 5th one, My arms wouldn’t let me push my self up, but I didn’t want to hit the pave… Pushed a little harder I wanted to hit 5… but I’m just not ready yet.

Now it’s time to see how many crunches can we do in 1 minute. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do 10… I did 25!!! And we moved on to military pres with a 45 lbs weight over our heads. By then I was so tired, I was having serious doubts about being able to list the weight it self. I started, focused on a point across from me, focused on controlling my breathing, and on not dropping the weight on my head… 45 seconds later I couldn’t do one more, my arms started to feel like jello, and my number was 25… I was pretty impressed so far. Now for the final test, chin-ups, HAHAHAHA… OH LORD! Ok we might as well give it a try… You never know what really is going to happen… I got in position, with support of 2 of my team mates I had my chin over the bar and they where going to let go as soon as I said I was ready… READY!!! And I couldn’t do it… let’s give it one more try… READY!!! I went down and held my self… but couldn’t pull my self up… I guess that’s an improvement… Overall I’m really excited, I can tell that I’ve improved a lot, but I still have a longs way to go… Oorah!

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