Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soldiers of Fitness - The End of Week 2...

I'm not sure if its because its a Friday, or just because everything is starting to pile up (Work, House, and Exercise) but I feel like my body is shutting down, like I don't have enough strength to do a lot or to perform as if it where a Monday.

It was raining, cloudy, and a light breeze could be felt as were stretching like we do every single day. We got our assignment. We had to run all around the river at the park with Misery on our shoulders and every 500 mts we would have to perform different exercises and in different amounts of repetitions. The exercise and the amount were all left to our groups luck. Needless to say, probably 800 mts after we started running my group had a better pace, and I could see them separating from me. I didn't stop running but I just felt like I didn't had enough energy to keep up, but I wasn't going to quit.

I felt bad, My team had to perform my repetitions for me since I wasn’t even close to catching up and they couldn’t keep on running until every single one of us in the team did their share, I was struggling enough as it was just to catch up.

As I was running still on one side of the river I saw the other team already on the other side and they where still going hard and fast!!! I had a lot of running still to do to catch up with my team and help them out as much as I could… when I finally made it to the river over pass I saw my team at the other end just finishing the exercise at that point, I could hear them cheering saying “Come on!, You can do it!, Harder Cuevas!” I couldn’t let them down; I couldn’t let my self down. By the time I catch up with my team I was exhausted, I couldn’t feel my legs, my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my chest!!! But you can’t stop, keep on running slowly if you have to but keep the double pace… My team was no where to be seen again, and then one of our instructors came back and stayed with me the rest of the run, we where talking while running (jogging) and then we saw a sign that says "Caution Coyotes"… So I tried to be a little bit more aware of what was going on around me… and it was then when I saw the most beautiful thing ever… Mother Nature sent us 2 deer’s… I had to stop and enjoy that moment even if it was only for a few seconds… They where just there, looking at us as we ran right by them, enjoying their supper, minding their own business… the Male deer looked at me straight in to my eyes, it was hard to look away, everything felt so peaceful, quiet, calm…

Our Instructor said “come on Cuevas, where almost there, you can do this bud, Push as hard as you can, the numbness on your legs is just the pain leaving your body” I ran as fast as I could and then I saw my team, and the other team, they came back to cheer me on, to help me push a little harder for a little longer. I saw the finish mark and I sprinted as hard as I could, a big finish for the end of week two. 7.5 kilometers in 90 minutes, not bad at all for a couch potato. Oorah!

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